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สารเพิ่มประสิทธิภาพสำหรับรถยนต์ ขนาด 45 ml




Engine Treatment is the latest friction reducer formulation. Made up with “Synthetic Blocked” the 5th generation or SB5 contain no PTFE. Molidimum and Graphite, SB5 will use the heat generated by friction of the engine pars as catalyst to make the chemically bonding layer on the metal surface. Results of SB5 is instantly improve engine performance and better fuel consumption. Also protect the engine from the wear and tear of moving part.


  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Outstanding Piston and Engine Cleanliness
  • Protect Engine to Reduce Starting Wear
  • High Temperature and corrosion Protection
  • Improve Protection against Sludge and Harmful Deposits
  • Longer Draining Period
  • Easier Start for Engine
  • Wear Protection and Superb Power Performance
  • Reduce Oil Instability for Lesser Top-up

For Engine Use:

  • Extends engine life
  • Boosts power
  • Reduces wear at startup
  • Stabilize engine temperature
  • Chemically bonds to engine parts
  • Not affected by oil changes
  • Compatible with gasoline & diesel engine oils
  • Adding ALPHA TECH in itself does not void any engine warranty

Crankcase (Where oil is added)

  • Add 250 ml. every 40,000km. or 2 years

Transmission (Manual)

  • Add 40 ml. every 10,000 km. or each oil change

Power Steering

  • Add 20 ml. each oil change

Gear Boxes

  • Add 40 ml. with 5 Ltrs. or 1% of oil

NOTE: 1 ozs = 29 ml.

For industrial / military / household use

  • Highly recommended for use in bearing, chain, air compressor, hydraulic system, marine engine, etc.


  • Add 1 bottle of HAPPY ALPHA TECH Engine Treatment (250 ml.) for each 5-7 liter oil change. Or apply 4-5% HAPPY ALPHA TECH of oil. For the best results, use with HAPPY ALPHA TECH Motor Oil


  • DO NOT  recommended for use in the brake fluid for safety reason