Healthy Lifestyle Expo

Healthy Lifestyle Expo

"What you do want is to have a healthy life and a financial stability. Do not just work hard to pay for medial expenses" the most classic sentence salary workers are familiar with. 

          The pollution and unhealthy eating habits will continue to effect the health and welfare of current and future generations, causing short and long term health problems. 

          As a result, more and more fear-based and positive healthy messaging are being promoted, which motivate people to make healthier lifestyle choices. Healthy living and fitness trends are no longer limited to the elderly. 

         A secret to a happy life starts with a control of your health. Discover multivitamin supplements that help you get nutrients to fuel your daily activities to stay healthy, strong and energized.

Discover New path to "Healthy Lifestyle" with right supplements 

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  26th Oct 2019  
ThatphonKunbud  Room,Wannnsorn Tower. Bangkok
 13.00 - 15.00 
  Registration Starts at 12.30