Competitiveness is unavoidable matter when conducting business regardless types or levels, especially in networking marketing. Not only products and services provided to consumers and business networkers in networking marketing must be the best offers and be better than others, but also the executives must be expert. The executives must firmly stick to principles and possess well-rounded knowledge that can overcome obstacles and that lead networking marketing to achieve remarkable success.


To seek for and offer products including beauty or health products guaranteed and acceptable by people worldwide as the best products, as the best-result giving products, as safe products and as certified by scientific research. In addition, we suggest and point out marketing channels and formulate business operation in order to develop human resources and to increase potential of our business networkers which lead to business achievement after becoming our business part.

Ultimate goals

The ultimate goals of Happy MPM is the achievement of our business networkers and the increase of quality of life of ASEAN people. Therefore, the Happy MPM executives have devoted themselves to develop all potential to support the business growth and to overcome obstacles. We also emphasis on social responsibilities and maintain our commitment given to our business members.