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Product Description

  • Optimum Protection for Diesel Engine
  • Synthetic Blended
  • SAE: 15W40
  • API: CI-4/SL


HAPPY ALPHA TECH GOLD 15W40 is a Synthetic Blended Lubricant getting the most efficient technical standards; it meets the highest world-class lubricants standard in API CI-4/SL requirements. HAPPY ALPHA TECH GOLD is indeed supreme performance engine oil used for all turbocharged or ordinarily aspirated diesel engines; also extremely suitable and compatible for use in Diesel Engines, Biodiesel and CNG & LPG, 4 wheel drive vehicle (4WD/4x4 or AWD), high loaded vehicles and heavy duty truck/pick-ups operating under the most severe conditions. Particular, formulated additives is produced and imported from the United States of America under restricted of technology controls carefully.

EXCEEDS: API CI-4/SL, ACEA E5/E3/B3. GLOBAL DHD-1, MB 228.3. VW 505. VOLVO VDS-2. MAN 271/M3275, CARTERPILLAR ECF-1, ALLISON C-4, CUMMINS CES 2007 1/2/6/7/20078, & MACK EO-N


  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Outstanding Piston and Engine Cleanliness
  • Protect Engine to Reduce Starting Wear
  • High Temperature and corrosion Protection
  • Improve Protection against Sludge and Harmful Deposits
  • Longer Draining Period
  • Easier Start for Engine
  • Wear Protection and Superb Power Performance
  • Reduce Oil Instability for Lesser Top-up

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