Our Company

Happy MPM Co., Ltd. was founded on 10th June 1999 by Mr. Sukit Satprertpry, CEO and Managing Director. The company was founded under the key philosophy of bringing high-quality consumables to the direct sales market for South East Asia customers in a long term.

We bring high-quality natural products for the best integrative health benefits. Our health products are manufactured and R&D in its cGMP certified manufacturing facility with clinical studies support. Our company utilises network marketing in our management system, with “binary” reward system for the best profit and financial stability to our members. Together, the new generations are able to sustain stable long-term incomes, with full trust and benefits to our customers.

Happy MPM Co., Ltd. is also a member and a founder of Thai Direct Sales Industrial Association (TDIA), with an approval from the Office of The Customer Protection Board (OCPB). Thus, we can be trusted for our strong experience and vision, for the best products and stable marketing strategies and most importantly, under the protection of the law, which will bring “you” to a better life sustainably.