Beware of Counterfeit Cernitin products from e-Marketplace

Last updated: Mar 8, 2020  |  NEWS News

Beware of Counterfeit Cernitin products from e-Marketplace


Beware of counterfeit products sold online.

Alerting our customers and independent business owners, please be aware of selling counterfeit products on non-authorized e-Marketplace such as Lazada and Shopee at deeply discounted prices.

We will NOT be able to honor our return policy and cannot assure that products are using the highest quality ingredients if you have purchased our product from non-authorize sellers.

To avoid counterfeits:

  • Please only purchase our products from independent business owners who represent you an e-Business card with member ID and a full name.
  • Deeply discounted prices are more-likely a counterfeit product.
  • Be suspicious of Facebook pages, LINE@ and websites that do not provide contact information such as phone number, address, and e-Business card.


We are currently working to resolve this pricing integrity issue.



Regulation and Ethics Department