Happy MPM Co., Ltd. is well-known for health products those are solely and only made naturally. The products were supported from the scientific research and manufactured for their best quality. The company also maximizes the profits for our customers. With the following accomplishments, we have achieved the following rewards:

  1. Best Biz and Product Award from Thai Committee for Economics and Networking Business Development for the best products.

  2. Best managements committee from “Sen-Thang-Thai” magazine for best marketing strategies and customers benefits. This guarantees the quality in our management system.

  3. The honourable members for the most sustainable agricultural development from the Ministry of Thailand. This was awarded from our best use of natural products and the sustainable agricultural development.

  4. The golden bell, for the people with social and national benefits. As previously mentioned, our company only utilizes natural products for their safety. We also returned the maximum benefits for our consumers. We also ensure that we kept our CSR on top, for the best returned to the society.
These are only parts of our achievements, as we were also well-trusted by local organization for our best care and high quality products.